About Us

Tina's Fashion Inc. is a Family-owned business, by two Sisters Karla & Yarazet. Yes, we know many of you may be asking yourselves, why we call our boutique "Tinas" if neither one of us is named like this. Well let us share with all of you that this is our Moms name. We started our business on February 2014 and we appreciate each and every one of our customers.

Mission Statement- At www.shoptinasfashion.com our mission is to WOW our lovely customers by providing unbeatable prices, Sexiest quality clothing, and easy shopping experience. But most importantly to help women learn what Clothing and Styles go best with their Unique personalities.  

 We Guarantee you will find exactly what you need,  whether it’s for a night out, wedding, birthday or  an amazing every day outfit.

We welcome you to our online store! Stay tuned as we are adding new items every week. Make sure you follow us on Instagram at tinas_fashion. 

Just Remember Ladies, a Tina Girl is the best dressed girl in the room.

Thank you- Sincerely 

Karla & Yarazet